The necklace worn in your hair

Jewelry can mean more to you than just the classic accessory of an outfit.

Special hair accessories are not always easy to match, so we offer you little tricks to enhance your hairstyle and look with jewelry.

Today, we reveal your unusual accessory destinations for the necklace. Here's an idea, as unusual as it is so creative: wear a necklace in your hair! It may sound like a crazy idea, but if it is chosen correctly, matched to your outfit and style, a necklace worn in the hair will complete the look in a subtle and original way.


What should you consider when making such a choice:

1. Where to wear the necklace? On the forehead? On one side of the head? In the crest, like a tiara? Choose the location of the necklace according to your hairstyle, the model of the jewelry and the outfit you are wearing.

2. What model do you choose? That depends on your appearance and your own style. If you have delicate features, choose a smaller necklace that will look natural in your hair. If you have a more rebellious style, then you can opt for any kind of model that will strengthen the strength of your personality.

3. How do you fix it? Very simple: choose simple clips, a color as close to the color of your hair and, if you do not know how to arrange it, call a person to help you.

Several Hollywood stars and blue-blooded personalities have dared to stand out by wearing an unconventional necklace.

Known for her impressive jewelry collection, Elizabeth Taylor has always been a nonconformist and among the first VIPs to wear jewelry in her hair.


Diana, Princess of Wales wore an emerald necklace, at a charity event in Melbourne in 1984 and again in 1988, at another Australian event.


Jennifer Lawrence's style has evolved year by year, this being among the examples to follow in terms of originality. The trick that propelled her in a ranking of the most trendy celebrities is the braiding of a necklace in her hairstyle.


Recognized as one of the bravest and most elegant trendsetters, Sarah Jessica Parker was also photographed wearing an accessory for less ordinary hair: the necklace.


I also noticed Nicole Kidman, at an event that took place in China, with a necklace caught in a braided neck. What makes it so special is the way different parts of the necklace fall, to create more layers.


If you have a bolder style, you can opt for a patterned accessory, such as Lady Gaga's.


By adding a necklace to your hairstyle, not only will you be original, but you will look special!

Depending on your mood, you can choose a finer or opulent model, in both situations you will look sensational with a jewelry that, then, you can wear and classic, at the neck. Thus, by purchasing a necklace, you will have that 2 in 1 jewelry that you can enjoy originally.


I don't think there is a generally-applicable recipe for this type of accessory. Even if, at the beginning, this type of jewelry was not intended to be worn on the hair, it will still look fabulous! Go ahead and try for yourself! Choose from Roxanne's Necklace Collection to confidently perfect any outfit!

December 19, 2019 — Roxana Muntean