Which color jewelry to wear in the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 season

The Pantone Institute of New York announces the official colors of the following year at the end of each year. The decision is made following a survey, carried out among the most important fashion designers and interior designers regarding the colors they intend to use in their field in the next year and the reasons why they chose these shades. We are proud to inform you that the Israeli jewelry designer, Mariana Ravid (Mariana Jewellery House) is one of them and has a say in the fashion trend.

This fall, the color list recommended by Pantone is one of the richest in recent years.

The established fashion designers did not want to break away from the playful colors of summer. Thus, in this cold season we will wear the colors red, border, orange-peach, brown, hard pink, intense orange, yellow, blue, green. A multitude of bright colors for excellent mood!

Chili Pepper is a hint of spicy red that will stimulate the senses. A jewel in Chili Pepper colors will be, as sensual, as modern for the fall-winter 2019-2020 season.


Biking Red - Staying in the red register, we move on to a darker hue, an edge inspired by the rusty tones of autumn leaves, with which, you will shine any time you wear jewelry that includes Swarovski Siam, Burgundy, Garnet crystals. and semi-precious stones by Carnelian.


We break the rhythm of the intense shades with Crème de Pêche, the warm, delicate and romantic hint suggested by a tasty summer peach. Roxanne's collections of jewelry decorated with Swarovski Rose Water Opal crystals provide you with countless variants and models that will not be ignored, regardless of the time of day and the clothing you want to accessorize.


Also a fine shade of peach is also Peach Pink, a ginger and very feminine color, with which you will be able to highlight.


Another star color of the Fall-Winter 2019-2020 season also thirsts for Rocky Road, a chocolate brown, inspired by the colors of the soil and the dry leaves in late autumn.


One choice that cannot be ignored is Fruit Dove, a pink that can be blotchy in your accessory this season. By adding a jewel in these shades you will pay a tribute to the summer that has ended and you will break the color barriers of autumn, being unable to pass unnoticed, regardless of the occasion.


Sugar Almond is a luscious almond shade that is inspired by the classic autumn colors but is sweetened by the caramel tone. With jewelry in this color you can not fail to accessorize your outfits this season.


Dark Cheddar, an original and playful mixture of orange and yellow, is not a dark color as we would expect by its name, on the contrary it is intense and attractive, inspired by the autumn leaf aroma. Wearing jewelry in this color, you will spread a state of joy and optimism around you.


Orange Tiger is a vivid orange hue that aims to dispel the monotony of cold days. Energetic, alive and active but also unusual for the cold period of the year, this shade is at the forefront of the colors of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season. Choose jewelry in this strong tone and you will feel more at ease.


If until now we have spoken of "earthy" colors, inspired by the tomnatic nature, it is time to bring to the fore the galactic and astral tones that we will surround this season. Therefore, Galaxy Blue is an intense and expressive "heavenly" color with which you can accessorize any look. It is a shade that will put you in an original light, wherever you wear it.


Evening Blue is a darker color than Galaxy Blue and sends you thinking of a late night sky in which peace and calm reign unabated.


In a softer tone, Bluestone is the "quiet" blue version of this season. Jewelry decorated with Swarovski Light Sapphire crystals, Aquamarine and Blue Agate gemstones will highlight any outfit and turn it into a high impact trend.


Eden is the proposal of the Pantone Institute regarding the green color of the season. Inspired by the evergreen coniferous forest, this optimistic shade should not be missing from your jewelry box. Choose the jewelry from the Emerald by Mariana Jewelery collection and you will be aligned with the trends of this season.


Guacamole is a variant of raw green, enriched with the vitamins needed for this period, a nutritious and refreshing green. Choose the Fern by Mariana Jewelery collection for an add-on of beneficial nutrients in the cold season!


Paloma is the immortal gray, elegant, classic, with the help of which you will not fail to accessorize your outfits. It is an assortable color with anything, so you will be able to wear jewelry in this shade to more clothes in your wardrobe.


Finally, but not least as important, we present Vanilla Custard, a warm, discreet and delicious shade of white-yellow. It is a neutral, classic color, which can be used as a basis for contrasting with the other shades above. Jewelry with such colors, decorated with semi-precious stones by Amazonit and Swarovski Sand Opal crystals, will be very versatile and can be matched to any outfit.


The trendy color of metal found in this year's trendy jewelry is Golden. If last year, the metallic color of the season was silver, the trends for Autumn - Winter 2019-2020 are clearly in favor of gold, which recommends choosing gold-plated jewelry to accessorize your outfits.


So, this season you have many color options to successfully accessorize your outfits, and Mariana Jewellery is the jewelry brand recognized worldwide as being the most varied in this respect. With us, you can easily find any combination of colors in trend, which suits you for Fall-Winter 2019-2020.

We hope that we have managed to inspire you, so that you become an inspiration to those around you!

December 19, 2019 — Roxana Muntean