Why do women love to wear Swarovski crystal jewelry?

Even the representatives of the beautiful sex who do not collect jewelry have a favorite piece, whether we refer to a pair of earrings, a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pendant. Psychologists believe that jewelry reflects a woman's personality, and so you can get a first impression about her character traits, depending on the size and type of jewelry, the material from which they are made or the precious stones that decorate them.

Over time, the materials from which the jewelry was made have evolved from solid wood, semiprecious stones and minerals not very expensive to 925 silver jewelry, solid gold, diamonds, pearls and Swarovski crystals.

"Why do women love to wear Swarovski crystal jewelry?" Is a question that has long been not only on the lips of fashion designers, but also on fashion, because they have been integrated into many outfits to give them. an added elegance and refinement.

Swarovski crystal was born in 1892, when Daniel Swarovski invented an automatic glass cutting machine. Taking advantage of the benefits of hydroelectricity in the city of Wattens, Austria, he opened the company Swarovski, an automatic crystal cutting plant.

Being processed automatically, Swarovski crystals are perfectly uniform, the error of manual processing is completely eliminated.

They are adored for their purity and the way they are polished. The surface of the Swarovski crystals is uniform and bright. Inside them there is no air bubble, no scratches, so that the light passes unobstructed by small imperfections, rendering them a glow worthy of envy. Today, this unparalleled brightness is also ensured by the computer's involvement in their production, each direction of reflected light being calculated through the computer and then simulated in 3D.

Their color varies, you can choose from a wide color palette, about 80 colors, from that classic colorless or white crystal, to dark blue or purple red.

They are compatible with an impressive number of different metals, from 925 silver to yellow, pink or white gold.

They are endless in trends, regardless of the season and are on the lips of every fashion-savvy person, so some clothing items on the podiums are accessorized with these crystals.

If you want to glow when you walk into any room, Swarovski crystals are the right solution for you. Here is our new jewelry collection, which integrates them manually and combines them chromatically in a very original way: 


December 19, 2019 — Roxana Muntean