Roxanne's Jewellery is an exclusive authorized distributor for all the brands it sells. Roxanne's brings together in its portfolio only original, premium quality products, certified by the brands whose names they carry. Roxanne's guarantees the quality and originality of the jewels purchased from the website roxannesjewellery.com, the production of these products respecting the strictest international standards of safety and reliability, being the subject to an extremely rigorous quality control.


Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and enamel are delicate materials that must be treated with great care, the base metal (brass or silver) can be plated with precious metals and each crystal or natural element is applied individually. Please follow the tips below to avoid damage to the product and to benefit from the warranty period:

  • Keep the jewelry in its original packaging or in a pouch of soft material to avoid scratches;
  • Keep the jewelry individually, not together with other jewelry, to avoid scratching;
  • Periodically wipe the product with a soft cloth to maintain its original shine but do not rub its surfaces or crystals / stones; do not clean with water, cleaning solutions, alcohol;
  • Remove your jewelry before bedtime and do not sleep with them on in order to avoid extra friction wear while sleeping;
  • Remove your jewelry before contact with water or body care products such as perfumes, hair fixings, soaps and lotions;
  • Direct exposure of jewelry to heat sources such as open fire, boiling water, sauna or exposure to hot air devices (hand dryers, hair dryers) is not indicated;
  • Avoid forcing the lobster claw to close the chains, bracelets, necklaces, as well as the system for closing the earrings;
  • Remove your jewelry before doing the housework;
  • Adjustable jewelry will be enlarged or diminished with care and delicacy, in order to avoid forcing or breaking them;
  • Avoid sudden blows and contact with rough or abrasive materials.


Along with the jewelry purchased from Roxanne's Jewellery, you will receive, in original form, the Certificate of Origin from the manufacturer, as well as the Certificate of Authenticity and Roxanne's Guarantee, accompanied by useful tips for product maintenance.

Roxanne's - Jewellery is officially authorized to market all its products. The jewelry is authentic, created manually with refined craftsmanship.

The jewels are, as the case may be, plated with precious metals - 18K or 24K gold, 925 silver, rhodium, decorated with Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and covered with hand-painted enamel. The possible small imperfections represent the proof that the products are made manually and confers uniqueness to each product.

The jewels of the brand "Mariana Jewellery" have a lifetime warranty, and the other jewelry plated have a 90-day warranty period. Un-plated jewelry, the ones made of silk, as well as children's jewelry benefit from a 30-day warranty.

The warranty is granted only in case the product characteristics do not meet the specifications or when manufacturing defects are discovered. The guarantee conditions are in accordance with the law, the guarantee cannot be invoked in the situation of improper or incorrect use of the jewelry (eg traces of strokes on the metal frame, scratches of the crystals, the enamel or the metal frame, broken or cracked enamel or crystals, discoloration of the plated parts or of the email due to the contact with chemicals or acid sweating, obvious signs of wear, breakage, etc.).


Our jewelry is thoroughly checked before delivery in terms of quality and compliance. The guarantee is granted only for manufacturing defects according to the law and not for those resulting from incorrect actions for this type of products, which can damage them. No guarantee is given for:

  • Exposure of jewelry to chemicals, cosmetics, creams and lotions, pool or bath;
  • Deterioration of jewelry during physical contact activities, housework or that result in abundant perspiration;
  • Breakage, scratches, blows, bending caused by general wear or misuse;
  • Wear caused by wearing jewelry during sleep;
  • Keeping jewelry inconsistent in humid or excessively hot environment - direct exposure of jewelry to heat sources such as open fire, boiling water, sauna or exposure to hot air devices (hand dryers, hair dryers) is not indicated ;
  • Scratching or breaking of semiprecious crystals / stones (crystals / stones are consumable products and, according to the law, have no guarantee);
  • Incorrect and brutal use of the element of opening and closing the jewelry;
  • Repair or modification of jewelry by unauthorized persons.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, but does not cover jewelry negligence and wear.

In order to benefit from the product guarantee, your jewelry must be accompanied by the fiscal receipt / invoice and the guarantee certificate. The guarantee is not given in the situation in which these documents are not presented. In the case of Mariana jewelry, the waiting time for repairs may increase, due to the fact that the jewelry is returned to the supplier for a professional repair. As soon as they come back to us, you will be announced. When delivering jewelry for repair, the client will be informed of all these details and will give consent for these procedures.

For repairs during the warranty period, only the transport costs to / from our headquarters will be covered by the customer's. The rest of the repair expenses are the responsibility of Roxanne's Jewellery.

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We remind you that this transport is made at the customer's expense. The packages that will arrive with the refund payment will not be accepted.

And do not forget: proper care and proper storage of jewelry will contribute to maintaining in time the brightness, beauty and their initial appearance!