The history of the prom dresses began at the European Royal Courts in the fifth century, during the reign of Philip the Good. At the Royal Palaces of France, England, Russia and Austria, many parties and dances were organized. Therefore, for the ladies of the high society, it was a must to be in tune with the fashion of the times.

Therefore, this metallic handmade model will reinterpret the daring outlook from that historical moment of princesses, queens and other high-ranking ladies from the Court. We can even imagine that our dolls would easily find their place at the royal parties of that period.

Designed in Italy, inspired by fashion designers.

▸ TYPE: Doll Pendant Necklace

▸ BRAND: Bambole Milanesi

▸ COLOR: Multicolor

▸ CLASP: Lobster Claw

▸ FINISHING: Antique brass (golden)

▸ MATERIAL: Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Brass

▸ DOLL HEIGHT: 6.3 cm

▸ CHAIN LENGTH: Adjustable, from 78 cm to 84.5 cm

▸ PACKAGING: Comes with an elegant pouch