This line of Doll Pendant Necklaces is inspired by the period of the "Great Gatsby" and will bring the effervescence of those times marked by major changes in the clothing and attitude of women, the so-called "Flapper Girls".

Therefore, this brass model reinterprets the bold outlook from that historical moment of the so-called "Flapper Girls", characterized in particular by the bob hairstyles and short skirts. We can even imagine that our dolls would easily find their place at extravagant parties where Foxtrot or Charleston dance music is played.

Designed in Italy, inspired by fashion designers.

▸ TYPE: Doll Pendant Necklace

▸ BRAND: Bambole Milanesi

▸ COLOR: Copper

▸ CLASP: Lobster Claw

▸ FINISHING: Antique copper

▸ MATERIAL: Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Brass

▸ DOLL HEIGHT: 10 cm

▸ CHAIN LENGTH: Adjustable, from 78 cm to 84.5 cm

▸ PACKAGING: Comes with an elegant pouch